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Creator of Nourished Hearts, Emily Lumsden shooting one of the recipes inside her home

“Nourished Hearts” is a project that explores food photography with a social good objective. It is a website featuring photographs of healthy food with written recipes to support young women with cardiovascular disease. This is because “Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally.” (Reoever L, Tse G, Biondi- Zoccai G 2018) All 24 recipes have been developed or checked over by qualified nutritionist, Erynn Sotirelis.


There are 69 photographs of the food. Each dish has been photographed in natural light using a range of materials and compositions that suit each dish. These photographs have been influenced by  styles of still life photographers Laura Letinsky, Finnish Schohin and Romano Yanes as well as commercial photographers Sammy Green and Christian Rocchi.


The decision behind the fresh style of photography is it supports the target audience of young women, creating a calming space that inspires women to want to make healthy food and encourage healthy food choices, according to Bullock-Palmer (2019)


“It is important to recognise their presentations in young women to prevent misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis as well as mismanagement of these patients to improve their clinical outcomes”.


Lastly, this project  features a section containing behind the scenes of how Nourished Hearts was created as well as a section containing interviews with professionals in both photography and health. These were included to show that this website is more than just photographs of food (Bright, 2017)  and instead has a real life purpose helping young women with cardiovascular disease.

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